1,000 Schools for Tire Rack Street Survival!

The Tire Rack Street Survival program celebrated its 1,000th school at the Tire Rack headquarters in South Bend, Indiana on October 1, 2017, an accomplishment made possible by thousands of volunteer facilitators, instructors, donors and Ambassadors…and of course, our program sponsors.  Thank you Tire Rack, Michelin, BMW of North America and Enterprise Rent-a-car!

Since 2002, the Tire Rack Street Survival program has provided life-saving car control training to nearly 23,000 young drivers!  And we are just getting started!

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As we set our sights on 2,000 schools and 50,000 young drivers trained, we collectively salute our partners and sponsors, one and all!

“Tire Rack Street Survival was fun. I didn’t want to come at first. I thought we’d have to sit in a classroom the whole time. I liked the hands-on experience. This is a lot more hands-on than drivers ed. We had a lot of time to do that on the track. Now I know not to be shocked when an emergency situation happens. I know what to do.”

Malia G., Brooklyn Park, MN