For Parents

Your son or daughter will be gaining some valuable skills to better his or her driving techniques on the road at the Tire Rack Street Survival school. You are also encouraged to stay for the school all day if you wish. You will be able to listen to the instructors in the classroom while they are teaching the students. The instructors will be available throughout the day to answer questions you might have about the course events your son or daughter are going through.

Depending on the location of the event, there may or may not be an indoor classroom. You can check with the local registrar ahead of time to find out about the facilities. Be prepared for whatever the weather may be that day. Be sure to bring sunscreen, a hat, sunglasses, etc as you feel necessary for the sunny days. If your local weather may have rain or cooler temperatures, be prepared with an umbrella and warm clothing. You may want to bring a comfortable chair to sit outside to watch the activities, or possibly even have a good book in case you are tired of watching the events.

Some of the schools may also need extra volunteers. You can contact the school registrar when your son/daughter registers and let them know you would be interested in helping with the school.

Do parents have to attend?
While we cannot require that you come to the class we strongly suggest that you do.  We encourage you to sit in the classroom sessions and listen to those presentations.  Even though you have been driving for many years, we feel that there are things that you might learn from experiencing these with you new driver.

We also feel that the importance of driving education and seriousness of this issue is reinforced when your new driver sees you taking an active interest in what they are doing.

What kind of waivers/permission is needed?

If a minor is coming to the event they must have their parents/guardian permission to do so.

Each student needs 2 signatures on a minor waiver form unless they live with only one parent/guardian and that parent/guardian has sole custody. If the parents/guardian can’t sign the document at the event in front of the officials, then they must have the waiver notarized beforehand.

If they have 2 parents/guardians and one parent/guardian won’t be there, then only that one must get the waiver notarized. The other will sign at the event in the morning.

Think about it this way.  If a minor is coming to the event they must have their parents/guardian permission and if you can’t sign the document at the event, in front of the event officials, then they must have it notarized prior to the event.